I’m not the only one who thinks I’m awesome – check out what people say about my work!

It has been a pleasure working with Kimli. She’s a well organized and detail oriented person. When she’s been assigned a task, you can be sure that she will have it done on time and with high quality. In addition, she has done very well in juggling multiple projects at a time. This has helped her to excel as a technical writer and business analyst.

Simon Tang, Director of Project Management at Atimi Software

Kimli speaks both “engineering” and “normal people”. That enables her to talk to the customer and combine the (frequently contradictory) requirements into something that I (an engineer) can work off. Kimli is good at it and it’s invaluable!

Dmitry Markushevich, Software Developer Lead at Atimi Software

Kimli is thoughtful, intelligent and extremely charismatic. She is truly versatile – being able to bounce between technical writing to marketing communications. I have had the pleasure of “stealing” her onto many of my projects and always look forward to working with her and the results.

Sandhya Suryam, Senior Marketing Manager at Atimi Software

Kimli is a badass. Her drive and enthusiasm is ferocious and infectious, and working with her was a godsend. She really cares for the end product and often had an uncanny sense of what to do and why. What would make a good product and what would not. If I had a product design dream team, Kimli would be starting.

Cory Bujnowicz, Interactive and Visual Designer at Atimi Software

Kimli is an excellent communicator both on paper and when dealing with clients in person. I worked with her both as a Developer and in Sales. Her specifications were clear and required little second guessing for implementation. She was also good at communicating complex concepts to clients. Kimli has a good grip on the internet, the mobile space and geek culture.

Tom Schulz, Developer and Sales Engineer at Atimi Software

.. Kimli has shown flexibility in her role and contributed a great deal to the development of our Technical Support team. Kimli is reliable, trustworthy and extremely conscientious. She takes a proactive approach in identifying and resolving issues.

Kimli is well-liked and respected by her peers and management alike. She is a team-player, possesses excellent organizational and administrative skills, is detail-oriented and has a strong commitment to customer service. (read the entire glowing letter!)

Patrick Jones, Director of Project Management at Radiant Communications

Kimli came onboard at Radiant in a newly created position and quickly established herself as a key member of the organisation. She made an immediate impact by rewriting all of our training and process material and organizing it into a single, searchable online resource. In addition to continuing to manage and update and expand our company wiki she created a formalized training plan for client-facing staff that was effective and well received. Also she took a leading role in the implementation of a CRM suite, ensuring that the needs of all departments were met, that the staff were trained and able to use it and finally, as the go to during the harrowing first few months following go-live. Throughout Kimli remained dependable and professional and I would thoroughly recommend her to any prospective employers.

Jason Houghton,  IT Manager at Radiant Communications

I’ve worked with Kimli on many projects and I find she is very dedicated and efficient. She will reach out to people and involve them with projects. I particularly appreciate Kimli’s willingness to take initiative. Kimli can handle a lot of technical aspect of the project and able to work in many levels to train different departments in the company. Her communication skill is excellent, I recommend her without reservations.

Lawrence Hui, Product Development Engineer at Radiant Communications

Kimli is a dynamic individual who excels as a leader, technical trainer and public speaker. She is detail oriented and quick thinking. She is particularly gifted as an organizer and developer of web-based Intranet and learning systems for organizations.

Ashley Hockenberry, Senior Sales Engineer at Radiant Communications

Kimli is indeed The Master Communicator of the company ! she is extremely creative in translating complicated technical documentation into user friendly-easy to understand materials. Trainings are always been very fun and effective when she is involved, as well as her amazing personality which bring Positive Drive in every department.

Hans GT, I&S Administrator at Radiant Communications

Kimli did a great job updating process documentation. The training trips I went on would not have been nearly as successful had her documents not been so concise and thorough.

Greg Nygren, IMAC Coordinator, IBM Global Business Services


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