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  • Resume has been updated to include a list of my Technical Skills!
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My name is Kimli, and I’m a Technical Writer in Vancouver, BC. I am a Documentation Specialist, and I’ve been told I’m very good at it. I have ten years of experience producing documentation for all levels of computer expertise; from highly technical engineers who swear by their midichlorian count to reluctant users who haven’t the foggiest idea what a “midichlorian” is. This website exists to serve as an online portfolio; a small sampling of the work I’ve done in the past as well as an in-depth look at my methods and style.

I know it’s good job etiquette to talk about how you love what you do, but I’m for real, dawg: I love documentation. I love technology, writing words about technology, learning processes, teaching people how to follow said processes – all of it. I like to throw myself into the task at hand and learn before I attempt to document; handily turning myself into a veritable cavern of information. I’m an incredibly fast learner with a passion for showing off how much I know, and I always smell great (not usually a requirement, but definitely appreciated).

Some of my more dazzling accomplishments include:

  • Stepping into an organization with extremely limited technical support and building a fully-structured support system that ensures all client requests are handled within 24 hours and fully resolved to the client’s satisfaction
  • Turning highly technical information from developers into comprehensive, user-friendly learning material for new staff and clients
  • Working closely with various teams within the company to absorb their processes, and turning that knowledge into training material for employees
  • Creation and execution of extremely detailed training plans for new hires
  • Writing an engaging, informative Employee Handbook from the ground up that reflects the values, mission, and culture of the company
  • Planning and driving to completion company-wide rollouts of new internal tools
  • Designing and building an intranet for 110 employees, and working with managers to write content for their team spaces

Documentation is rarely loved by anyone, and is more often than not a big pointy thorn in the side of your brightest engineers. Why not let them get back to doing what they do best, and leave the instructional material to me? I’ll work with your team to learn the tool/product/process, and turn that information into highly detailed but user-friendly instructional material for your customers/staff/mom. I’ve worked with all kinds of software and have experience with XML, CSS, Java, Citrix, other Web Services and more!

Take a look at my work, review my resume, gawk at the accolades I absolutely did not pay for, then drop me a line. I may just be that extra spark your world is missing!

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