Other Talents

I’m all about documentation, but that doesn’t mean I’m a one-trick pony – I’ve got many talents (some more hidden than others). For example:

Presentations in Front of Scary People

In 2010 I gave a presentation at Northern Voice called Overcoming Social Anxiety (or, How to Win Friends and Influence People in 140 Characters or Less), based on my own experiences with anxiety and social media. The presentation was very well received, both at the conference and online afterwards. The topic is one I feel passionate about, and when I’m passionate, the words come tumbling out (fortunately organized neatly in a Keynote presentation with accompanying pictures).

I have a background in technical training (both 1v1 and classroom style), so I’m no stranger to talking in front of groups of any size, from 2 to thousands.

Play-by-Play Commentary

“Wait,” you say. “Did you say you’ve spoken publicly in front of thousands?”

It’s true! I did play-by-play commentary for video game tournaments (often called shoutcasting) from 2001 to 2008. During that time, I covered thousands of matches online and traveled all over North America to provide live coverage at events such as QuakeCon, World Cyber Games, E3, and CES. Video games are a huge part of my life, and I’m very proud of the casting work I’ve done – anyone can be a gamer, but it takes a very special kind of crazy to do commentary (not to mention a keen eye for action, a quick mind and an even quicker tongue)!


I’ve been doing some copywriting, and I apparently have a knack for it. I’ve become the go-to person for snappy marketing words at Atimi, and it’s something I find I really enjoy doing. It adds a fun, creative element to the technical writing I know and love!

I’ve also written copy for Nerd Merit Badges and many other things long ago that are no longer online.

Being Generally Hilarious

I’ve been blogging for 12 years, and people often tell me I am funny. It would be rude to call them a liar, so I take the compliments as they come. I’m actually extremely fond of my blog – you may not have noticed, but I really love to write – and over the years I’ve amassed a list of entries that I consider some of my best. They’re a little out of place in a portfolio, but please feel free to ask me for some samples – I’m always happy to share!

Pretending to be an Authority on Random Topics

I know a lot of things. Sometimes, I know so much about things that news outlets ask me to be on TV to talk about the things I know. I’ve opined on CBC a half dozen times, Global News, and been interviewed as the Geek of the Week for the Straight, and more.

Social Media Guru Maven Ninja Rock Star 

.. just kidding. I am all over the internet though, and have fingers on the pulse of all the hip social media outlets.


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