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new title!

I never really gave much thought to the titles I’ve had throughout my career – even when I had business cards, they were mostly used to enter draws for free lunches. That being said, I realize now that having an accurate title that reflects what you really do is pretty important: it’s one thing to call yourself an Internet Superstar (which was a title I held for a couple of years), but no one really goes out looking to HIRE an Internet Superstar; they want actual skills and duties and competency. Being vague is often my friend, but it really does me a huge disservice in this area.

I was recently asked to write a job description for my role at Atimi Software. While I’ve held the title of “Technical Writer” since I started in 2012, I found myself doing many other things that fall far outside the Technical Writer realm. This is good, because I love learning new things and taking on new challenges .. but at the end of the day, calling myself a Technical Writer seemed to squeeze me into a corset that didn’t quite fit.

I took a step back and really looked at what I do on a day-to-day basis, spoke to some people in the tech world, and browsed a thousand job descriptions. Finally, after a lot of research, I was happy to discover that an official title for the things I do already exists: Information Architect. The IA role fits me like a glove, gives me lots of room to grow, is something I’m crazy about, and (probably best of all) is an actual real title: no more putting random words together and making up my own vaguely technical important-sounding title and hoping people understand what I do. I’m an Information Architect! I architect information! COME AT ME, BRO!

I am pleased!

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